Blog, PageRank, new customers, customer retention, weblog

Blog software for your own blog

Own Webshop

  • Shopsystem/webshop software, ERP
  • Individualized webshop
  • Consultant, programmer, graphic designer/shop designer
  • Marketing, planning
  • Prozess optimisation
  • Info architecture
  • Interfaces

Own Learning Plattform

  • E-Learning plattform, Learning plattform
  • Consultant, programmer, graphic designer
  • Marketing, planning
  • Process optimisation
  • Info architecture
  • Didactic prepearation of learning content
  • Interfaces

Own Ticketing System

  • Quality Management & Business Intelligence
  • Ticket system, ticketing system, ticket tool, ticket solution
  • Consultant, programmer
  • Planning
  • Process optimisation
  • Interfaces

Marketing Expert

  • Marketing consultant
  • Development of strategies
  • Internet concept
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation SEO
  • Online PR
  • E-Commerce marketing
  • Conversion rate optimising
  • Webmarketing, Advertisement

Webspace & Server-Hosting

  • 53GBit/sec band width (1GBit switch)
  • 200x redundancy (wires)
  • Domain service
  • Highspeed webspace
  • Cloud server, cluster solutions, dedicated server
  • Server housing, rack colocation
  • Hosted Exchange
  • SMS gateway
  • Real data backup
  • Hack controlling
  • hight availability, speed, scalability
  • Consulting & Flexibility
Blog, PageRank, new customers, customer retention, weblog
Your Expert for
Blog, PageRank, new customers, customer retention, weblog Blog, PageRank, new customers, customer retention, weblog Blog, PageRank, new customers, customer retention, weblog

About Blog-System

What is a blog?

A blog, also called weblog, is an internet journal to publish interesting articles in the world wide web.

Blog-System boosts your success

  • Magnet for website visitors
  • Increases your Google PageRank
  • Optimizes your customer retention
  • Optimizes your competence-image

Magnet for website visitors

2 or 3 factually articles per month efforts. Interesting articles are found from Google and other search engines very well and they are frequently linked on other websites, blogs and discussion bulletin boards. So more and more visitors gets to your blog. Through a sponsor link on your blog you can lure them concerted to your website or webshop.

Increases your Google PageRank

Blogs are cross-linked inside the world wide web. This is a foundation for an enormous potential for increasing the PageRank of your websites or your webshops. On the one hand inside blog articles are lot of hyperlinks placed to interesting other blogs. On the other hand you have the possibility to write comments to blog articles of other blogs, which are automatically linked with your blog. Behind this "network of links" hides an enormous potential. If you publish a blog with qualitative blog articles, your blog will get enduring an higher PageRank which can be bequeathed to your website or webshop by setting a sponsorlink at your blog.

Optimization of your customer retention

Set a link to your blog on your websites, note it inside your newsletters and emails or tell your customers in person, that you operate an interesting blog, that content could be an advantage for your customers. If you write regulary interesting, factually blog articles (2 or 3 per months efforts), your customers will come again and again. They will consult you as adviser and business partner.

Optimization of your competence-image

Through regulary writing professional articles you have the possibility to transport your competence to your readers so that your business quote will increase inevitably. You will get more inquiries and orders on same number of visitors.

About Irmler IT-Solutions

We are an innovative enterprise, specialized in IT solutions for the business sector. Internet marketing, content management (CM), process optimization, work flow, customer relation management (CRM), supplier relationship management (SRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), eLearning, messaging, time management, document management, project management, ideas management, ticket systems / help desks, is our core business. Our solutions are implemented utilizing C / C++ / C#.NET, Lotus Domino / Notes, PHP / MySQL, Perl / CGI.

Irmler IT-Solutions has the necessary know-how to combine Blog-System with your website, your webshop and will be glad to advise you how you can increase your success with an own blog.

Blog, PageRank, new customers, customer retention, weblog
Elektroteile. at decides for Trade-System
Elektroteile. at heisst das neue Start-Up für Elektromaterial rund um Hausbau und Renovierung. . . .
Digiparts Switzerland decides for Trade-System
Die Digiparts GmbH beliefert Industrien weltweit mit hochwertigen digitalen Produkten aus den. . .
MyCard revolutioniert mit Irmler IT-Solutions den Maltesischen Markt
MyCard ist das Bindeglied zwischen Händlern und Kunden auf ganz Malta. Der Wiener Erfinder. . .
Nameable companies count on Irmler IT-Solutions

We were allowed to implement a lot of customer projects. We would be pleased to count also you to our satisfied customers.
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Blog, PageRank, new customers, customer retention, weblog